Caribbean Teakwood Incense  25 Pack

Caribbean Teakwood Incense 25 Pack

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A warm, refreshing Caribbean breeze takes you back to that wonderful relaxing time on the islands.

A rich and luxurious combination of sweet woody notes followed by light spice note of cinnamon and clove on a warm base of amber, vanilla, and fresh citrus.

Our incenses are 100% sandalwood resin and we use natural organic bamboo sticks. they are 20 inches long burning for almost two hours inside and yes, you can turn them off and light them back as many times as you want.  We make fresh incenses every week, never add DPG nor charcoal to our sticks.  You will see the freshness once you received them. 

All our incenses are made to order. Due shipping strategy can't be combined with any other options.