English Gardenia Sola Wood Diffuser

English Gardenia Sola Wood Diffuser

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Sola flowers are one of the most effective diffusers due to its history, and artistry.  The porous properties of Sola Wood allow it to efficiently absorb any essential oil. 

Our Sola wood flowers are handcrafted blooms made from Tapioca and Cassava peelings. As the sola wood flowers are a natural product, they are readily biodegradable and eco-friendly. Sola wood flower making is a handcraft, and no machines are used to produce these flowers. This is the reason that every single sola bloom is customized by default. Our Diffusers will typically last 20-45 days and can be reinfused.

The sweet scent of gardenia essential oil is a major mood booster, melting away stress, and promoting relaxation. 

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