Basil Sage & Mint 100% Soy Candle 8oz

Basil Sage & Mint 100% Soy Candle 8oz

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Basil is considered as an anti-stress agent, because can keep your mind calm and protect you from stress and depression.  Many therapists recommend basil essential oil as the effective way to improve the memory and concentration. If used as an inhalant, basil can help to strengthen the ability to memorize and concentrate better. The refreshing scent of basil can soothe the fatigue and treat distraction, the common causes of poor memory and lack of concentration.  Great!, right?

Sage is rich in vitamin A and calcium, which play a major role in daily cell regeneration.  The antioxidants in sage reverse the signs of ageing, like those age spots in your hands.  This oil can be used externally to soothe painful ailments like muscle stiffness, rheumatism, and other neuralgic conditions. In addition, it is used in aromatherapy to cure nervousness, stress, fatigue, tiredness, headaches, and anxiety.  

Mint oil has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-spasmodic properties.  This powerful combo makes it the perfect oil for soothing muscle aches and pains.  It also works well to get rid of painful muscle spasms.  The smell of mint stimulates your senses.  It enhances the focus of your brain and provides clarity to your thinking. It’s an all-natural energizer that awakens both your body and mind.

How to enjoy this beautiful candle?  Light it up, give it a few minutes to melt, pour over skin fearless and gentle message until absorb completely.  Can be leave on as a natural moisturizer.  Works great on cracked heels and ashy elbows and knees.  Even when is 100% natural, we do not recommend to be applied on face, broken, or irritated skin. 

Warning: use only on heat resistant surfaces. To prevent fire, burn candle within sight. Never put on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children or pets.

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