Japanese Cherry Blossom Incense 25 Pack

Japanese Cherry Blossom Incense 25 Pack

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Our Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance is a fresh take on a classic spring scent. Blooming cherry blossoms add depth to this ozonic and airy fragrance.

The naturally delicate floral notes work beautiful and radiate the fleeting, fragile beauty of springtime with this very clean, floral scent brightening small spaces, and adding a floral touch wherever you need it. Give the gift of spring with nostalgic and elegant creations for any occasion.

Our incenses are 100% sandalwood resin and we use natural, organic bamboo sticks. They are 20 inches long, burning for almost 3 hours. We make fresh incense every week and never add DPG or charcoal.

All our incenses are made to order. Due to the shipping strategy, they can't be combined with any other options.