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Dry Skin

Organic-unrefined-unprocessed ingredients 


Rosehip Oil:

Rich in fatty acids - Loaded with Vitamins A & C - Helps to treat wrinkles - Even the tone of skin - Fade scars

Goat Milk:

Rich in essential fatty acids - vitamin A - alpha Hydroxy Acids.

Shea Butter:

High levels of oleic, linoleic, and stearic acids - Anti-inflammatory and healing properties - Help to seal moisture

Sweet Almond Oil:

High in vitamin E & A - Rich in fatty acids - Help to lighten dark circles - Relieve sun exposure

Argan Oil:

Antioxidant - Anti-aging - Promote wound healing - Help with stretch marks

Apricot Oil:

Reduce the appearance of aging - Exhibit antioxidant properties - Facilitate wound healing - Anti-inflammatory - Soothe acne - Rich in vitamin A & E


Helps in strengthen skin - Even out complexion - Restore elasticity