What is in our products

Our skin care products are handcrafted from the highest quality ingredients and scented with steam distilled essential oils. Contains no sulfates or detergents that can strip your skin of moisture.

Each batch  is created to nursing your skin and boost your system with the best nutrients extracted from fresh plants, fruits and nuts.  All our creations starts with a base of oils and vegetable butters  gifted by mother Earth.   It’s not about pretty colors or amazing smells, it’s about what is good for skin. We don’t add any artificial colors or fragrances to our products and it can be used even if you have the most sensitive skin.  Some of our creations are vegan and never tested on animals. Give it a try and let us know how it feels.


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The Apothecary

Our Apothecary is comprised of a variety of different oils and ingredients that serve various purposes for your skin. It allows you to customize your own blends based on your skincare needs. We have dedicated our work to search for the best and most natural ingredients so that you don’t have to. All of the oils and herbs in our Apothecary collection are ethically sourced and certified organic. We have ensured that our customers are receiving the best quality ingredients possible.

From our Dry Pantry