To Detox Our Skin

To Detox Our skin

Organic-unrefined-unprocessed ingredients 

Coffee Grounds

Powerful exfoliator - odor remover - helps remove old skin cells - minimize the appearance of cellulite - improve blood circulation.

Activated Charcoal

Makes pores smaller and cleaner - Takes care of oily skin - Treats acne - Deep cleans your skin - Soothe and heals bites - Helps with cuts and skin irritations.

Brazilian Clay

Helps improve circulation - gently exfoliates, cleanses - detoxifies and minimizes pores.

Himalayan Salt

Detoxifies the body - Balances systemic PH - Improves hydration - Improves mineral status of the body.

Bentonite Clay

Unclogs pores & exfoliates - Helps control overproduction of sebum - Draws out the toxins from skin -Makes skin softer - Reduces the appearance of scars - Help to regenerate skin tissue - Help to even the tone of skin.