Meet the Alchemist

Dinah Alvarez was lucky enough to grow up in a home where nature’s best ingredients played a pivotal role in her daily life.

Under the guidance of her loving grandmother, Dinah learned to use herbs, flowers and nuts to treat everything from headaches to burns, to crafting beauty products that naturally provided necessary nutrients for the skin.

She recalls that her grandmother would “work her magic” by blending natural ingredients that completely eliminated the needs for any drugs, chemicals or expensive brand-name skincare products. Everyone trusted her to naturally help them treat their ailments in enhance their beauty regimen. She too, wanted to create that “magic” and through years of observing her grandmother and much practice, the Alchemist in her was born.

Dinah obtained Master degree in Business in Puerto Rico. She moved to Miami and after years of a successful career in sales, she felt that something more was missing. Her fond memories of long afternoons in the kitchen, joyfully experimenting with her grandmother and her excellent skills in sales led her to the idea that it was time to take the recipes out and share her best kept products with the world, and thus, Dinah Alvarez Natural Skin Care Products became a reality. Helping others heal and feel beautiful with natural products from the best ingredients earth has to offer was her way to carry out her grandmother’s legacy.