Wooden Incense Tower

Wooden Incense Tower

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This incense tower will make burning incense a breeze! It holds the incense upside down while dispersing the scented smoke in a beautiful manner. It also helps to keep the area mess free as the ashes are contained inside the tower while the incense is burning. 

To use this beautiful burner: Lift the top to reveal a key ring hanging from a hook. Open the key ring and insert the incense between the prongs. Our incense are larger than the tower, so you will need to break off part of the end stick in order to fit the incense in the tower. Light the tip of the incense and let the flame burn for about 30 seconds. **Make sure to blow the flame out before putting the incense in the tower.** You know you are burning your incense correctly when the incense is producing a white-grey smoke. Enjoy your unique incense burner and watch as the smoke is dispersed in a beautifully.

WARNING: Use only on heat resistant surfaces. To prevent fire, burn within sight. Never put on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children or pets. **Make sure to blow the flame out before putting the incense in the tower.** The tower is made out of wood and will catch on fire if the incense is put in the tower while the flame is still lit. To avoid this, ensure that the flame has been blown out before putting the incense in the tower. 

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