Mandarin & Vetiver Moisturizing Body Oil

Mandarin & Vetiver Moisturizing Body Oil

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This aromatherapeutic body oil is created exclusively from cold-pressed plant oils - rich in vitamins and unsaturated acids - and pure vetiver and mandarin essential oils. Grapeseed, sweet Almond, safflower, sunflower and jojoba oils are enriched with vitamins E and C, providing smooth and nourished skin. It supports smooth glide and an easy grip for deep massages, too. This beautiful oil helps to heal and restore even the most sensitive skin.

Mandarin is an amazing source of vitamin C that is necessary for the growth and development. It gives the skin a glowing look and helps even the skin tone as it reduces the appearance of blemishes and sun damage. Vetiver also helps even the skin tone as it protects the acid mantle of the skin. This layer is important in maintaining the skin's pH and moisture levels that are necessary for keeping the skin's tone even. It's also a natural astringent which tightens and cleanses pores, reducing the penetration of impurities. 

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