French Lavender Incense 25 Pack

French Lavender Incense 25 Pack

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A well-loved Mediterranean herb, lavender has been associated with cleanliness since Romans first added it to their bathwater. 

Today lavender remains a favorite for scenting incenses. Lavender was traditionally inhaled to ease exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, and depression. In the Victorian era, women revived themselves from faints caused by tight corsets with lavender-filled swooning. This aroma is sweet, floral, and herbal with balsamic undertones. 

Our incenses are 100% sandalwood resin and we use natural, organic bamboo sticks. They are 20 inches long, burning for almost 3 hours. We make fresh incense every week and never add DPG or charcoal.

All our incenses are made to order. Due to the shipping strategy, they can't be combined with any other options.