Eucalyptus Massage Candle

Eucalyptus Massage Candle

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Eucalyptus has many aromatherapeutic benefits. Throughout history it has been used to as a natural remedy for respiratory issues. Inhaling vapor mixed with eucalyptus oil can help relieve an uncomfortable cough. The eucalyptus oil will react with the mucous membranes, clearing any mucus from your chest and sinuses. It can also ease breathing for those who suffer from asthma and sinusitis as well as ease headaches and migrane symptoms. It can even work as a natural bug repellant if burned outdoors. 

How to enjoy this beautiful candle? 

Light it up, give it a few minutes to melt, pour over the skin fearlessly and gently massage until absorbed completely. The wax can be left on as a natural moisturizer. This works great on cracked heels and ashy elbows and knees. Even though our candles are 100% natural, we do not recommend being applied on the face, broken, or irritated skin. 

WARNING: Use only on heat resistant surfaces. To prevent fire, burn candle within sight. Never put on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children or pets.