Resilience Massage Candle

Resilience Massage Candle

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Resilience was inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor, celebrating strength, power, and success. With notes of bergamot and blackcurrant on top of jasmine and sandalwood, this scent represents a resilient man destined to live a driven life, ever galloping with the wind at his back toward success. Resilience is a sophisticated blend for individuals who savor a life well-lived. 

To use on the skin, light the candle. Once melted, the wax can be poured directly on the skin without burning. The wax can be used as a lubricant for a massage or simply as a moisturizer for the skin. 

Warning: Use only on heat-resistant surfaces. To prevent fire, burn a candle within sight. Never put on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children or pets

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